How to Buy

So, how do I buy something?

I am glad you asked! I am a small shop with a worldwide customer base, so the process might be a bit different than many of the e-commerce sites you have seen.

The process is really pretty easy, but it does have a couple of steps:

1 – Browse my items and add what you want to the cart

2 – Go to the cart and start the checkout process

3 – After you checkout, you will receive an email with the base price of the items and I will check your address and email you with shipping options and fully delivered pricing.

4 – Then you can pay for the item(s) and I will ship them.

It is really an easy process, but because of the nature of my small shop and desire to deliver great products of yesteryear at reasonable prices, I like the personal touch. I hope you will too. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask about the history of the item you are buying or request if I can locate items for you that are not on the site. I have quite a bit in storage that I do not sell online.